Welcome Georgetown GLID Students!

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September 9, 2020 – Georgetown University’s Global Infectious Disease program is proud to welcome its first cohort of master’s students, and a new group of PhD students, all committed to solving global infectious disease problems.

In the midst of a pandemic of scope not seen in a century, GLID launched its master’s degree program, welcoming its first class to Georgetown. These dedicated students will work with our world-class faculty to build their infectious disease careers. The GLID master’s offer concentrations in two areas, Data Modeling and Policy. Our students will learn about modeling and policy in addition to fundamental and advanced scientific principles in pathogen biology, immunology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, and many other technical areas. Our master’s cohort will join our PhD students researching interdisciplinary approaches to dealing with the challenge of infectious disease.

Interested in applying for one of our degree programs? Check us out at glid.georgetown.edu. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep tabs on our program and follow the successes of our students.