Possible Electives

Most students will have room for one elective. The following potential list of electives (and others as approved by the program director) could be taken students who have room, have been waived from certain classes, have transferred in credits, or are willing to take more than 30 credits. This list is not exhaustive. Note that some of these courses have restrictions and may not always have room in a given semester for students outside the program originating the course.

GLID 5500: Engaging Communities for Health3
GLID 5600: Conversations in GLID1
MICB 515: Biohazardous Threat Agents3
MICB 524: Emerging Infectious Disease2
MICB 619: Virology3
MICB 702: Regulatory Science & Public Health2
STIA 421 (or STIA 357): Global Health Foundations3
BINF 521: Bioinformatics4
BINF 524: Bioinformatics Computing3 or 5
BIOL 379: Genomics and Bioinformatics3
BIST 515: Introduction to Statistical Software3
BIST 532: Machine Learning for Bioinformatics3
MICB 708: Immunogenetics in Health and Disease2
BCHB 514: Introduction to Bioinformatics1
Research/Internship (requires faculty approval)0.5-1.0